Why A Photo Journal Is a Must Have On Vacation

In the end, it’s not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away.
— Shing Xiong

In my opinion, vacations are to relax, unplug from work, explore, learn, and experience different cultures. While I stress the importance of living in the moment, and taking a moment to stop and appreciate your experiences, I also think it’s vital to keep a photo journal of your trip.


Why, you ask?

Looking back at these photos for years will always remind you of the great things you saw, and some of the beautiful places you visited. You’ll be able to share with family and friends, and have fantastic stories as you go through them. Like, “remember that time we had the most amazing beef carpaccio” or “oh that was when I lost my sandal in the ocean”…


I know not everyone likes being in pictures, and that’s fine! But take pics of your hotels, the scenery, interesting architecture, amazing food, and even awesome people you meet.

When you glimpse back, it’ll act as a perfect reminder to keep travelling. Work hard, save up, and repeat.


Some of the best experiences in life come from travelling, so make sure you always make time to create these lasting memories with feelings of joy and gratitude.

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