Have You Ever Wandered into Barbados?


Have you ever thought about visiting the island of Barbados?

Sunshine all year round, tropical breeze blowing through your hair, the smell of authentic Barbadian food, and the beautiful resorts are all why you need to make a visit.

On one side you have the soft and soothing Caribbean Sea, while on the other you have the rougher waves of the Atlantic Ocean, great for surfers. 

There are a wide variety of accommodations to stay, ranging within all budget needs, or you can also visit via a cruise ship. With such beauty all around, they have amazing locations for weddings, great dining experiences, and fun activities. Here are a few things to check out if you’re interested in visiting this lovely island:

Here are 6 reasons why you should visit:

1. The Cliff Restaurant
Absolutely gorgeous! Owned by a local with scrumptious food and breath taking views.

2. The Atlantis Submarine
The Award Winning Atlantis Submarine is totally worth checking out!  One of the most highly recommended excursions to try. It can go as low as 150 feet, observing things like an ancient shipwreck, beautiful coral reefs, and incredible exotic sea life. Although I tried, I was unsuccessful at finding Nemo…


3. Harrison’s Cave
Venturing deep beneath the Earth’s surface, this living cave is one of Barbados’s natural treasures. On the guided tour you can expect to see glassy pools, rushing streams, stalactites and stalagmites, and all the other natural formations. There are exhibits and displays placed throughout the tour for your viewing pleasure.

4. Oistins Bay Gardens
Yet another activity to partake in. Every Friday Night you can find some of the best local seafood and local festivities with music and craft items for sale in one of the major fish festivals. Come by, try some authentic local food, groove to the cool sounds of Bajan music, and indulge in some of their Knick knacks for sale.


5. Island Safari Ride
Another popular excursion they have is the Island Safari Ride. It’s one of the most unforgettable days you could have there, exploring on-road and rugged terrain some of the hidden wonders of Barbados.

6. And so much more
In addition to these activities, you could catch a cricket game (one of Barbados’s top sports), experience the livelihood of Crop Over Festival (bring your dancing shoes), view their Andromeda Gardens, and visit historical structures like museums, ancient churches, rum distillery, or sugar factory.


If you'd like more information on visiting Barbados, or are interested in a vacation there, please contact me for more details. As someone who has been to this fabulous island, I'd say it's a place to add to "the list".