Symposium in the Six


You can. You will. Dream it. Believe it.

Last week I was fortunate enough to be a part of a wonderful event, Symposium in the Six. This uplifting event was hosted by The Love Incs Lifestyle, and I was the principle planner from start to finish. The day was filled with empowerment, uplifting experiences, and positive people sharing ideas on how to overcome obstacles in life.

Lady Di...

Dianna Jerry (aka Lady Di), the founder of The Love Incs Lifestyle, works towards helping you find the BEST you. Let me side step a minute just tell you a bit about this phenomenal woman: A single mother of 5, one of the hardest working women I’ve seen around. She has learned how to create the vision, work for the vision, and execute it. She has learned the art of balance, knowing her self worth and giving herself the space and time she needs to be the best mother she can for her children. Dianna works with her clients to help build their emotional intelligence, self love, and teaches to love yourself feeling beautiful inside and out, so that you are able to work hard to your potential, and grow to be the best you can be with success in your life. She is on a mission to help women world wide.


Our Day...

It was honestly a unique and fulfilling day for the guests. Although I was the planner and on site coordinator, I got to sneak into every activity, and share the same experiences the guests did. And man? I have to tell you, we had such a blast! Truth be told, we always do at any of The Love Incs events. Activities such as seminars, salsa dancing lessons, healthy lifestyle tutorial, a musical collaboration of a variety of instruments, a panel of speakers for open questions, a delicious lunch AND cocktails is what we enjoyed last weekend. At one point, we all sat in a circle taking our turn at playing various musical instruments together to create random beats, which obviously ended in us all dancing and singing… Lol…  (Keep in mind NONE of us were trained musicians or even knew how to play) This is just one of the techniques musical therapist Roxanne Christian uses with her clients to help manage stress, encourage wellness, and promote physical rehabilitation. If you ask me? It works! Within MINUTES we were all feeling happy and our mood was uplifted while we sang our hearts away.

The day also provided our guests with a safe place to have these specific group discussions, targeting obstacles we face daily, and working to overcome them. Mental health, work/family balance, lack of confidence - these are all issues many of us face. Learning how to deal with them, using tools and resources available, this is the trick to getting passed any hurdles.

A special thanks goes out to the sponsors and vendors at event including The Pink Coach, Soulful Image magazine, and Traci Lynn Jewelry. And another giant thank you for our speakers and panelists, Cheryl McLellan (gratitude guru), Christa Realba (abundance coach), Josephine Casey (author & founder of Life’s Poetry), Elizabeth Corriea (author & business coach), Roxanne Christian (musical therapist), Simone Walsh (author & mental health advocate), and Gorete Almeida (nutritionist & fitness instructor).

We even had reporter Alyssa Mahadeo from the Toronto Caribbean Newspaper cover this event, and it made it to the front page! Eeek! All in all, besides being a successful and meaningful event, some of the biggest take aways were knowing that you can and you will. Dreaming and believing is key. Anything is possible. Be grateful and appreciative.  And it’s ok to get help and use resources when you need. Even coaches need coaching! I would strongly recommend you follow the Love Incs to stay in the loop for their events planned for the new year. Please reach out to me if you have any questions, I’d be glad to answer! Thanks for reading y’all!