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Natasha Chand-Mohammed   Travel Consultant & Event Specialist

Natasha Chand-Mohammed
Travel Consultant & Event Specialist


About the Founder…

Meet Natasha. "Hi, the pleasure is mine, and thanks for stopping by!"

She has a passion for creating spectacular events, and has been travelling since childhood. With years of being in customer service and the financial industry, she brings great listening and communication to the table, as well as being organized and professional.

Natasha specializes in travel within the Caribbean and Mexico, having travelled to almost all of the Caribbean islands, and over a dozen trips to various spots in Mexico. She especially loves cruising, having been on many and trying different cruise lines.  She’d love to tell you all about cruising, and that it’s NOT just for “old” or “rich” people, and you WON’T get bored.  St. Thomas, Curacao, and Jamaica are a few of her favourite places. But truth is, anywhere with the ocean is where she’ll find comfort and peace.

She is consistently keeping up to date with the latest wedding trends and travel news. When she's not working or blogging, she loves cruising, volunteering in her spare time, and spending time with her hilarious husband and their gorgeous cockatiel bird. She's an animal lover, loves to make people laugh, and a passionate traveller.

Natasha is Destination Wedding Certified and Wedding Consultant and Coordinator Certified through The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada, as well as South Asian Wedding Certified through The South Asian Wedding Institute.

Find out more about her experiences and travels through her blog!

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